W3TC Export File to Check Out or Compare

One of our readers suggested on twitter yesterday that we release a file of our settings for w3 Total Cache. Here’s the thing: I am NO expert on these things. I’m just beginning to experiment with caching. Up until recently I was on Godaddy, and Godaddy does not play nice with cache plugins… or a lot of things I discovered. Anyway, let’s take a look:

So the most important thing to know here, is that I’m on bluehost, a shared server. Why? Well, your settings are going to totally depend on your hosting. Shared servers don’t have as much flexibility as virtual or dedicated, and options vary between hosts. So what works for me here may not work for you. I have set up a self-hosted cdn, and I use cloudflare… so you’ll see those settings in this file. The only things I changed were any passwords or API keys that may have been saved in the file.

So I’m going to put this file out there for folks to peruse. Maybe it will help get you started, maybe you can see some screwy settings and help set me straight. Like I said, I”m no expert! I read several tutorials, some bluehost specific, some not. I put everything together, and here’s what I came up with. These settings boosted my Google Pagespeed score on my two main sites up to 94 (from the 70s) so I’m cool with that!

Just remember, if you were wanting to import this into your installation, you would need to rename from a .txt to a .php file. Also, I have a series of XXXXXXX in a few places, you would need to replace that with your info. And finally, my email address, and url to VoodooPress are present in a few places, you’d want to fix that too! Basically, this file isn’t plug and play, more of a comparison kind of thing! If you see something I can tweak/fix, please do let me know!

w3tc Export TXT file

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    1. Hopefully this helps you out a little bit! I was a bit worried about trying this out myself, but figured I had to give it a try sooner or later. So once I had made my backups, I just dove in and went for it! MAde a few mistakes setting up the cdn portion (so my images and stylesheet wouldn’t load for a bit) that scared me, but I had it all figured out in about an hour.

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