What's Going on at WPCandy?

Hmmm… strange things afoot! I was running ads from PressedAds on my sites, and they started choking my site, taking forever to load and then not loading at all. So I headed to that website to see what was up, and it won’t load at all. Strange.. that ad network is run by WPCandy, so I headed over there to look for any news, and it is now redirecting to a default blank 2011 based website with no content. Wonder what is happening over there? I like that site for interesting WP reading.

Ben over at WPin.me dug a little deeper, it seems a hack might be behind the mess. You can read what he found here.

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  1. Yeh I noticed that as well did a write up on it on my blog interesting stuff, with no clear explanation of what is happening it’s just a little, well a little weird!

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