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Well Hallowe’en has come and gone, now we’re all left facing a terrible candy hangover. How can you fight the morning after shame that only 30 Snickers can bring? You could change your looks by celebrating Novembeard (also known as Movember and Noshavember). But why scare away your loved ones with a patchy week old beard? You could just give that WordPress site of yours a fantastic facelift with one of these amazing looking WordPress Themes. VoodooPress has teamed up with Elegant Themes to offer a few completely free memberships for you, our lovely readers (even with a patchy beard). Read on for the details!

Cruising around the Elegant Themes website (which itself is quite nice to look at, and easy to navigate) one can quickly see 2 things. They have nearly 150,000 customers already, and they offer 77 quality themes! That seems like a lot of happy people to me! While I was on the site, I also took the opportunity to preview a number of their themes. They have a wide array of themes that can suit just about any need. And reviews around the web seem quite positive.

I always like to be upfront on VoodooPress, so here’s my two caveats. I have never personally used any of the themes offered by Elegant Themes. So I cannot personally provide detail or guarantee on their themes. But before putting this post together, I did some research to look into the reactions of other WordPress users. I saw a lot of positive comments out there, and I feel quite confident with their offerings. Also, I have not been paid or given anything free myself to give out a recommendation – I just feel they have some quality looking themes, and I think you’ll enjoy the opportunity to snag some of those themes up for yourself.

So now, the nitty gritty! What do you get with your free membership? Here is their list of offerings that come along with a membership. What I’m seeing is unlimited access to 77 themes, with a lot of advanced features, and a premium membership area on their site for support. I don’t think you can beat that!

Now, how do you get a chace to win? It’s quite simple! Just leave me a comment on this post! What I’d really like is to hear what theme you like over there in particular! I always like to see what is up with VoodooPress readers! Is there a theme you are interested in? How will you use it? But if you don’t want to get all personal with me, that’s cool! Any comment below enters you for a chance to win one of three free memberships to Elegant Themes. I’ll pick out the three winners on Monday, November 5th** Thursday, November 8th, 2012 (that’s one whole week) and award the prizes. So please leave the comment using your real email address – or make sure I can get a hold of you!

What are you waiting for? Leave me a comment and get signed up for your chance to win!!

**Oops, sorry for the date confusion, you can see I intended to give 1 week… for some  reason I thought today was Monday. Time for a vacation!!

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  1. I particularly like the Deep Focus theme for portfolio/photo sites. I have just done a website for a friend using the ProPhoto theme which is very good but i think your clean crisp designs are very difficult to beat. Dont get me wrong ProPhoto is a good theme and offers a lot of functionality with the ability to customise using the worpress admin. Its good for people who dont have CSS/HTML skills but not having these skills seriously limits you when developing websites.

    The person had already purchased the theme without much research into what was available at the time or without consulting anyone who may have had better knowledge. I would much rather have used your Deep Focus theme to produce the site.

    Anyways keep up the good work your themes are awesome.

    1. Thanks for being the first to enter, and especially for providing such a detailed response! I am in no way affiliated with Elegant Themes, but I will pass along any and all feedback to them!!

  2. WoW! Asking m to pick one theme is impossible. I am looking at all of these themes and I am blown away. I like estore, Instyle, Sky, Notebook, Elist and the rest! I am really interested in e-list though. I have some cool business ideas that I could use that theme for. Every single one of these thems could be used for something. 77 themes? All of them unique? This is a business website developer’s dream. Even if I needed more functionality or customization, I can do that myself and use one of these themes as a jumping off point.

    Great giveaway here – I love it!

    1. Hi James, congrats! You are the third and final winner of the VoodooPress Elegant Themes giveaway! Your email has been sent off to those fine folks, and I’m certain you will get an email very soon with all the details! Enjoy!

  3. I’ve used a few themes from Elegant Themes, for personal sites and client sites, and they are definitely one of the better wp template websites. The themes are well documented, which makes setup a snap and the price is definitely right. I dont have an active membership at the moment but I do refer people to them often and they are on the top of my template website list. Some of the ones I’ve used were Glider, The Corporation, and I think there was a really cool photography theme I used once, but i can’t find it on there now. That’s my 2 cents

  4. As an sunday driver of WordPress I had a delight to test some cookies from Elegant Themes in the past.

    TidalForce flavoured cookie was one of the most memorable!

    The first thing I fell in love was the intuitivity of handling. Everything was simple and clear in the backend. I could create a professional website just the way I wanted in no minutes.
    On the surface of project I had a beautiful ‘make up’ for code – > I mean the ‘look & feel’ of the website. For the first time I was looking at my website without a grain of salt! Since I’m a perfectionist (its killing me when it comes to design things, and it’s the reason I fail) it never happened to me before.
    I had a ‘scientific’ yet modern looking website with fresh breath brought by clever use of green colour.

    Today I am the same sunday driver of WordPress. I’m creating a website on controversial subject in my country. It’s some kind of social tidal wave for bias on psychedelics. I would really appreciate the chance to be supported by TidalForce again!

    I’m also going to estabilish a personal website for my father (a photographer). He loves the ePhoto theme, which is very suitable for a hobbist photographer. He loves what he does and ePhoto would let him to express it in the best possible way.


    Voice from Poland.*

    *Sorry for my english, still improving! : )

    1. Congrats Piotr, you were the first winner. If you see my comment below, it explains how the winners were picked. You were the closest – your card landed on the doll! Enjoy your membership!

      1. I bet this is a sign from[ yeah, from what?] that I won’t fail this time! Thank you very much! And thanks to the Universe or something, hehe.

        I will definately make use of this.

        The news made my day, thanks. : )

  5. The contest is all wrapped up and the drawing has been completed very scientifically! I wrote each name on a card, and threw them at a toy VoodooDoll behind my back, the 3 closest won! I’ll leave a comment to each winner in the order they were closest to the pin. I hope you all enjoy your prizes – I also hope you’ll leave me a comment in the future and let me know how your themes are working out for you! You should each get an email with details from Elegant Themes very soon!

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