WordPress 3.6 Beta is Out, Have You Tested Yet?

If you haven’t heard the news, WordPress 3.6 is just around the corner! There are plenty of posts around the internet for you to find out what all is changing so I won’t rehash all of that! The important thing here is that you test it! I hope by now you all have a testing environment set up. I do it on a subdomain. But it is important for a couple of reasons.

First up, you can get all of your favourite plugins in there ahead of time to test for conflicts, same thing with all of your themes. But this time, there are some pretty big interface changes coming at you. Now is a great time to get used to the changes. It’s still beta, so I wouldn’t recommend you run it on your main site – that’s why I always recommend a test site. Here is mine. I do all my testing there, plus I use it for experimenting, testing, or support. Bonus, I’m running the new 2013 theme over there if you haven’t seen it yet. It will be the new face of VoodooPress once 3.6 drops!

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  1. I have upgraded my multisite with a smooth transition into WordPress 3.6, I really like the mobile view of the twenty thirteen theme that comes with it but one thing I noticed already it that you can’t change the height of the header without getting into custom coding which you could do with twenty twelve. Mobile view is way better though. Good update all around.

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