WordPress 3.8 is in the Wild! Time to Update!

WordPress 3.8 has just been released and I just finished my upgrades, how about you? I know I haven’t been around much on VoodooPress, a newer job and school have been keeping me insanely busy. I just finished my thesis and have one more class left at school – then I hope to keep things up to date here! But I have been keeping up on WordPress just a bit, and 3.8 is looking pretty sweet!

You should notice the major change as soon as you upgrade. That back end has been completely overhauled and it sure looks sexy! Check out the clean look, the new typography, better icons, and yup – even an admin theme switcher! I absolutely love the way it looks. That’s not it though, the admin area is finally mobile friendly. We’ve been taking strides to get there and it’s finally ready for primetime!  Theme management also got some attention on the backend so be sure to check that out!

Speaking of theme management, 2014 shipped with WordPress 3.8. This is quite a departure from past default WP themes. We get a magazine style theme this time. I know this is going to be love or hate for many users out there. I do know that VoodooPress will be running that theme soon enough as we always run the most recent default theme here. The goal is to run the newest theme and modify it to suit our needs. That didn’t really happen with 2013 due to my time restrictions – I hope it happens now.

Go ahead and get your sites up to date. What do you think? I love the new look and I had no problems on my own upgrades.

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