WPRecycle, New Life For an Old Plugin?

Just a few days ago, we took our  first look at Plugin Chief. We did the Voodoo Review on their MobileChief offering. Well, we haven’t even gotten to part 2 of that review yet, and the PluginChief folks let me know about a new program they have running! I don’t want to sound like a shill for these guys, but they have come out of the gates swinging! Check out their newest trick!

Have you ever had a plugin you loved fade away on you? I mean it did just what you needed it to do, but development on it just stopped? Maybe a few revisions of WordPress went by, and eventually the plugin started throwing error or quit working entirely? Well, it looks like PluginChief wants to help you out! In a novel new service called WPRecycle, they are offering to adopt that lonely, abandoned plugin!

If you are a plugin dev who doesn’t have time to care for that plugin anymore, or if you are a user who really misses a favourite plugin, whatever the case may be – you owe it to yourself to head over to the WPRecycle website and give it a look. There is a form to fil out, and give some intel on that plugin, they will asses the facts, and let you know the deal. Not every plugin will get picked up, but this is a glimmer of hope for that plugin you thought you lost!

I don’t personally have any plugins that I need revived, but I think this is a really neat concept! If you decide to give it a try, I hope you’ll come back here and share your experiences with all the VoodooPress readers!

3 Replies to “WPRecycle, New Life For an Old Plugin?”

  1. Thanks for posting this! We’re really excited to see what plugins people really depend on, but aren’t getting support for.

    We wouldn’t be anything without the WordPress community, so we want to do all we can to help give back and make sure the WordPress users and developers can continue using some of their favorite plugins!

  2. Nice thought,

    Every time I search the plugin repository I will come across one or two instances of plugins which are not updated for more than 2 years or so.

    It’s better to remove them

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