About Me

VoodooPress is a simple WordPress tips, tricks and support website. It is brought to you by The Voodoo Empire. But in all reality, VoodooPress is run by one guy, Rev. Voodoo.

On VoodooPress sometimes I write ‘we’ instead of ‘me’ or ‘I’. Over the years, as I’ve built up The Voodoo Empire, I developed a plural voice it would seem. That makes sense on the other websites. Since The Voodoo Empire was founded back in 2005, it has served as an artist collective and support group. The Voodoo Empire has many members, DJs, artists, musicians, tattoo artists, etc. On my other, music related sites, when I spoke of us, it meant the entire Empire. So it made sense to always maintain the collective voice.

But, here on VoodooPress, it’s just one guy. Rev. Voodoo. So I may sometimes accidentally slip into the plural voice, but it’s just me. I spend my free time working on WordPress projects. That is, what little free time I have. I work full time in a non-web related job, and I am working on my Master’s degree. So I really don’t have much free time. But when I do, I try to break WordPress habitually. Whenever I break WordPress, I fix it, and then write about my experiences.

I learned so much designing my first WordPress site, which was my blog. It is run on the completely custom Voodoo Empire 3 theme. The theme is pretty amazing by my standards. Every little piece of it can be swapped out, moved around, etc. It is all tied into the WordPress default media uploader to allow for font replacements, image changes, etc. The thing is, after I designed it, I forgot how I did everything. I never wanted that to happen again.

That is how VoodooPress came about. I started documenting anything I accomplish successfully. The site is as much about me being able to revisit my learning as sharing it with the community. So that’s my main goal here, to share what I learn. But I’m also open to your comments and suggestions. If you have a question, or a topic, and I’m able to help – well I would love to do that! The only way I can keep learning is by doing.