VoodooPress 1 Year Anniversary T-shirt Giveaway!

This contest is open until the end of the day on February 16, 2012. You can enter using each method once per day!

VoodooPress is exactly 1 year old today! One ear ago we started content development with our Welcome post, and on February 16th we officially launched with this post. Since then, VoodooPress has grown up quite a bit. We’ve been through 2 themes now (2010, 2011) and we are looking forward to another facelift with the launch of WordPress 3.4 and the Twenty Twelve theme. We’ve found a decent group of friends here, who have contributed a lot to discussions and some cool code too. The first year has been a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to many more years of poking WordPress with a stick and writing about what happens. As a thanks to the readers, let’s have a bit of fun here and give away some shirts!

I’m going to admit here, I’m going out on a limb a bit. First, I’m assuming anybody actually cares enough about VoodooPress to want a shirt! But who wouldn’t really? I mean, Mr. Voodoo guy is pretty cool looking.

The second risk is that I haven’t actually seen the shirts, physically, yet. I have a VoodooPress shirt using this exact logo, but it was just a transfer. I’m having the giveaway shirts silk screened in 5 colours. That is supposed to mean they will look super fabulous, but… never know until I get them!

I think that covers everything… why we are giving away shirts, and what the shirts look like. Am I missing anything? Oh right… you want to know HOW to enter don’t you? It’s simple really. I’ve got a few ways for you to enter.

Over on my sidebar —–> Just over there… see those social icons? Click ’em! And follow / like / circle me! That is an entry right there for each of those sites. Already have VoodooPress added? No worries, existing peeps are automatically entered. I won’t forget about my OG peeps.

So that’s a one time entry. Next up, daily fun! I’m gonna embed a post from each of those sites. If you would please share/retweet these posts. Once a day for an entry each day.

Here’s a link to a post on each of those sites, please share these each day for an entry.


Please share this post daily on FaceBook for an entry.


A daily retweet of this post would be super swell as well!


Please share this daily on Google+, it’d be super cool if you did it as a public post!

I believe the buttons under this post do the same thing. You can +1 publicly, you can tweet this post, or like it (which that is different from sharing). Do it either way, I’ll only track one entry per day, per person, per service… make sense?

That’s it. We’ll have the drawing on (or near, just in case something happens) February 16th. I’ve told you how to enter! Basically, the more you get the word out about VoodooPress, the more chances you have to win!

Thanks for a great first year everybody! I hope you guys have fun with this little giveaway, and I look forward to creating the next year’s worth of awesome content!

Here’s the nitty-gritty. I’m not sure how many shirts I’m giving away. Depends on how much participation I get. It’ll be at least 6 shirts though.

I’ll track all entries each day on a spreadsheet. The winners will be randomly selected, and I will contact you through the service you entered on. If I don’t hear from you in 2 days, I’ll draw again.

You have to be comfortable giving me your mailing address so I can ship you the shirt. I promise not to even save those details. I will ship, and destroy the info.

I can’t guarantee shirts sizes. I had to pre-order these things, so I only have so many of each size.

There may be some hiccups along the way here. I’ve never done anything like this before… Dunno exactly what I’m doing here!

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