Monitor Your Website(s) From Google Docs, and Find Out Some Very Interesting Things!

I came across a couple of posts recently which showed me how to monitor my website uptime using Google Docs. They both work great, one is for a single site. That is suffucient for many users, and you can use multiple copies, 1 to monitor each site. The next one is inspired by the first, but allows for multiple sites in a single sheet. These are fantastic tools that set up easily. Check it out:

All I did was follow the simple instructions. I’ve tested both, and both work perfectly, so just pick one based on your preferences. Set it up, and run it. Here’s what it looks like (on my phone anyway):

Here’s the downside of this. It showed my just how often my sites were going down. A minute here, a minute there. Several times going down for 15 or 20 minute blocks. The sheets keep a running log of up and down times for you too, plus you get emails whenever your sites go up or down.

I definitely recommend you play around with this… it just might drive you to a new host!

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